We regret to inform you that from Friday 18th July 2014, Bristol DiSC will no longer be operational, because at the most recent AGM, there were no volunteers to take over as officers or to join the committee. Without officers or a committee, the group cannot function. If you have any questions or would like to be put in touch with helpful online groups, please contact DiSC’s last chairman, Louise Arnold – email address louise {at} larnold.co.uk, telephone 01453 844341.



Family denmaking in Old Down Country Park

A great way to get to know other families with Type 1 Diabetes

We’re a small support group for parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes living in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Some of these children have had T1D for many years, others are newly diagnosed. None of us are experts in Type 1 Diabetes, but we do listen and share ideas. Whatever stage our children are at, we all know that living with diabetes isn’t easy, and there are often times when we want to chat with other people who really understand, in a supportive environment. We’ve all benefitted from being part of this group, and we hope you will too.

What We Do

We meet monthly, for two hours, to talk among ourselves, share ideas,  experiences and concerns, and generally support each other. Meetings are for parents and carers only, unless otherwise specified. Every other month, we invite a guest speaker to talk about issues such as adolescence, diet, pumps and research. Every so often, we organise family socials, enabling our children to meet each other and make friends too – great for those with diabetes and for their siblings too. We also occasionally campaign for better services.

What We DON’T Do!

We are NOT medical advisors or experts. We are simply parents and carers supporting each other. Please do not not use our group as a source of  medical advice which should come only from your NHS care team! It’s also a strict rule of DiSC that any discussion that takes place within our meetings remains confidential and we ask all members to respect and comply with that rule. Thank you!

Come and Join Us!

Building confidence in new skills at Castle Quarry on a Bristol DiSC family day out

Making new friends and learning new skills at a Bristol DiSC Family Day