Good Books & Kit

Members of Bristol DiSC would like to pass on the details of good books and useful bits of equipment that they have found helpful in managing their child’s Type 1 diabetes.

Please note: we are not a medical organisation so can’t give advice, but we can tell you what we like!


There are a few about, but  many of us like the following two, both of which are available on Amazon:

Carbs & Cals: A Visual Guide to Carbohydrate Counting & Calorie Counting for people with Diabetes by Chris Cheyette & Yello Balolia  Published by Chello Publishing ISBN 978-0-9564430-0-7 £12.99   featuuring photos of lots of food in different quantities, labelled with grams of carb in each portion

The Hugely Better Carbohydrate Counter by Carolyn Humphries  Published by Foulsham ISBN 0-572-02958-6  £4.99

HbA1C Conversion Chart

For a handy chart to help you get used to the new HbA1c values in terms of mmol/mol, rather than percentages, please click here. 


Type 1 Diabetes In Children, Adolescents and Young Adults is exactly what its title says. Many parents find it an indispensable guide – thorough, straightforward, easy to understand but also humane and considerate in its approach. This award-winning book was written by Dr Ragnar Hanas, a Swedish consultant, and is subtitled “How to become an expert on your own diabetes”. It is regularly updated to keep up to date with the latest therapy and research, and if you only buy one book to help you cope with your child’s T1D, this is a great choice. Available from Amazon here – and from all good bookshops.


Sabrina Dawe, whose son Dylan was diagnosed with T1D at 13 months, has set up Funky Pumpers to supply child-friendly pump bags, available to order online in a wide range of designs to appeal to boys and girls. She also distributes Frio bags – those fab water-activated storage bags that keep insulin pens and cartridges at the right temperature.  Sabrina and her family live in Somerset – just a bit too far away to come to our meetings, but if her name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s been a fab fundraiser for JDRF, running marathons and half marathons!


Buzzy is a fabulous, child-friendly device to take the pain out of injections. Shaped like a bee, it is fun to use and lots of parents report that it has made a big difference to their children’s tolerance of injections.  Beccy Woodland, who lives in Bristol, set up her own company to distribute Buzzy, after finding it invaluable for her daughter Amelia who has Type 1 Diabetes and is on a multiple daily injection regime.  You can find out all about Buzzy by clicking on Beccy’s website here.


Any child with Type 1 Diabetes receiving Disability Living Allowance may apply to the Cinema Exhibitors Association for a pass that will entitle them to bring a carer with them for free into the cinema.  This doesn’t have to be a parent –  older children can use it for a friend.  The idea is that the parent or friend can assist them in the case of a hypo.   The card costs you just £5, is valid for a year, and must be submitted with the completed application form and a passport sized photo.  For more details please visit their website.  The Association is very happy to issue these cards to demonstrate that they are facilitating access for the disabled, so don’t hesitate to ask for yours!


If you  have any unwanted pump supplies, please return them to your PDSNs as they will be able to get a credit for our NHS Trust on their return!