New DiSC Committee Seeks A Secretary!

At Bristol DiSC’s AGM in May, Bridget Tickell stepped down as Chair and Debbie Young as Treasurer, each having token on their roles for a year. They were thanked for their hard work.

Louise Arnold, previously Secretary, was elected Chair and Beccy Woodland Treasurer. Lucy Brockbank volunteered to become a Trustee.

Secretary Wanted!

We now need a Secretary, so please do not hesitate to step forward if you would like to help keep this valuable group running. It’s not a big task – it’s just a question of arriving 15 minutes before each meeting starts, to take the minutes of the brief committee meeting, and to send the occasional email. If you’d like to find out more, please email Louise Arnold, who, having done the job herself, will be able to tell you more.

New 2013 Calendar And Christmas Cards Raise Funds for JDRF

The faces that live with juvenile diabetes calendar 2012The 2013 edition of “The Faces That Live With Juvenile Diabetes” calendar  is now available from the Funky Pumpers website, along with a new product this year, a limited edition pack of Christmas cards wishing “Peace, Love and Insulin”. On the back of the cards is a carb-counting guide for a Christmas dinner!

As always, the calendar features the faces of children that live with diabetes, including some from the Bristol and South West region.

All proceeds from all sales of calendars and cards will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, helping fund better therapy and research into a cure for our children with Type 1 diabetes.

For more information or to place your order, please click here.

New JustTextGiving Service

We’ve got an easy new way to raise funds for Bristol DiSC –  JustTextGiving. All you need do is text a value to a set code, and hey presto, it’s done!

JustTextGiving is a really simple, swift way to raise money in small, easy-to-part-with amounts. Donations of as little as £1 may be made, without any administration charge to donor or recipient – and if you can rally enough givers, these sums can quickly mount up!

JustTextGiving works especially well if you’re at a well-attended event, such as a football match or a show, or any other large gathering of a good-natured group of people. At an appropriate moment, e.g. before a match or during an interval, announce the instructions for donating via their mobile phones.

Please click here for precise details of JustTextGiving and other ways of donating to Bristol DiSC.

New Faces in February

The group was pleased to welcome two new couples to our February meeting whose children had been diagnosed about a year ago. Though we are of course always sad that new people have cause to need our group, we’re always glad to see those who do. We hope we can help each other make life better for our children and our families.

As always, we had lots of experiences to share. There was a lively discussion about what makes a good appointment with a consultant (!) and we’re looking forward to passing some of our views on to one of the paediatric specialist nurses who will be joining our next meeting. We also benefited from comparing notes about our children’s eating habits, particularly with reference to school dinners. It’s always handy to be find out what happens at other schools, so that, if need be, you can  say to your child’s school “Well, this is how they do it so much better at x school…”

Louise handed out some useful posters and stickers thoughtfully provided by Vodafone for the new JustTextGiving service, and we’re also ordering some new cards so that we can subtly promote DiSC to other parents who might want to know about it. Hopefully by the next meeting we’ll be able to distribute a stack of cards to everyone who comes along, so that you can leave them in clinics, in surgeries, in pharmacists, or simply pass one across with an encouraging smile to anyone you see at clinic who you think might not know about us. Watch this space…. and put the date of the next meeting in your diary, March 15th, so that you can come and meet our new psychologist, Claire Semple, as well as our old friend Alison Gunn, PDSN.

And if you’re still worried about your child’s school dinner, click on this link…

New Child Psychologist Joins Bristol Diabetes Care Team

Bristol Children's Hospital Sculpture

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We were delighted to learn that the care team that looks after our children’s diabetes-related healthcare needs is to expand in the new year with the arrival of a new psychologist, Claire Semple.  We are looking forward to meeting her at a future DiSC meeting, when she will come to tell us about her plans and also to ask us how we’d like to use her service. She will be available to children with T1D and their families in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Bristol DiSC members lobbied long and hard to gain access to child psychology services and we can’t wait to welcome her!

Fun @ Bristol

Morph animated character as seen at At-Bristol Science Museum

We saw Morph at the At-Bristol Science Museum!

A small group of us had a great afternoon at the @Bristol Science Museum on Saturday where our diabetes support group had arranged to meet for a family outing.  Parents came from The Museum kindly admitted one parent free of charge for every child with diabetes – though of course non-diabetic siblings were very welcome too!  We were allowed free use of a private room so that we could have lunch and an afternoon snack together, plus privacy for necessary blood testing and bolusing.

Particularly popular were the Planetarium, the Animate! exhibit sponsored by Bristol’s own Aardman Animations and the TV studio where we took full advantage of the special effects to make our own broadcasts.  We were slightly perplexed with the giant doll whose insides we were able to take out – he appeared to have no pancreas!  But in spite of that omission, a good time was had by all.

A big thank you to Membership Secretary Louise for organising it.